The link between SkyLiberty and SkyOp
Record flight and access to internet during flight
Different versions of SkyLink
From a little box placed on the top of the dashboard to a full integrated device plugged on the avionic inside the aircraft.
According to your needs, you can have more or less features. 

For pilots and students
used with SkyLiberty

  1. Real time
    Weather, notams and manage flight plan during flight
  2. Flight avoidance
    Flarm and ADS-B appear on your navigator to avoid other aircraft
  3. Aircraft connected
    Engine and aircraft avionic connected with your navigator allowing you to monitor your fuel flow,...
  4. Communicate
    Communicate easily with your operator in the air or on the ground if something goes wrong
  5. Aircraft status
    Retreive real time satuts of the aircraft before going to airport eg if the battery is low
  6. Flight analyse
    Analyse your flight to improve your pilot skills

Where to find SkyLink

You can have a look on the SkyLiberty application in the SkyOp and aircraft module
SkyLink is installed on each aircaft with the SkyLink sticker on the tail

If you want to have a SkyLink in the aircraft you fly with, please, say a word about it to your operator.

For operators
working with the web application 

  1. RealTime
    Track all your fleet and be notified if something happens, according to the definition of your rules
  2. Aircraft connected
    You can monitor the engine, the landing stress and be notified if the battery is low
  3. Communicate
    You can send a message to the pilot if you receive an abnormal flight notification
  4. Connected Aircraft
    Transform your aircraft into a connected aircraft. Monitor it everywhere at anytime
  5. Flight Analyse
    To anticipate maintenance or defect according to landing analyse and engine behavior
  6. Easy to install
    SkyLink has different version: over the dashboard or integrated into it
  7. Promote your fleet
    When a pilot approaches an aircraft SkyLink equipped, a message about you pops on is SkyLiberty