SkyUser App

SkyLiberty aims at providing you with all the data and tools you need in a single application.
SkyLiberty is an upgradeable application. Gradually, you will discover new modules.
Although they exchange information among themselves, each module is independent.
So you can get an application containing only the features of interest to you. 

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New on Android Wear

You can check and refresh the weather on your Android watch, check your licence renewal or other information

Why choose SkyUser ?

Skyuser is composed of modules. These
can work independently or in synergy
if you own several.
SkyUser synchronizes your data on all your devices iOS and Android
Your data is saved on a secure server.
Overview Concept
The concept of overview allows you to view the important information of all your modules at the opening of the application.


Several App in
only one
User friendly
Try It, understand it and you will love it.
Each SkyUser module is designed to provide a set of functionality allowing you to fully perform the steps related to preparation, realization or management of your flights.
Overview Concept
The purpose of SkyUser is to make your life easier. One way to accomplish this is to provide you with the right information at the right time.
The Overview concept allows you to quickly view the most important information of your modules.
Synchronize your data
In order to never lose your data, SkyUser stores it on a secure server and syncs between your iOS and Android devices
(up to 5 devices by SkyUser).
Stay informed
The NewsChannel keeps you informed of product developments and also gives you access to tutorials.