A mobile application working on iOS and Android which provides to pilots and students all tools, reliable and necessary data in order to create, realize and manage great navigations according to safety and environmental recommendations.
Secure storage
For all plateforms
High technologies
Access your data from Android and iOS tablets and smartphones
Your data safely backed up on
a secure place
Using new technologies to provide you the best services and systems
Made by experimented and young pilots for all kind of pilots
Keep important information about your passengers
View quickly the status of airport weather stations around
the world
Fill in rapidly and intuitively your logbook, and back it up
Manage the renewal and management of your licences
more easily
This is a digital version of an aircraft which can provide real time status of the aircraft
It is a list of SkyOp implementing SkyLiberty and SkyLink, allowing you to download their aircrafts
This module allows you to connect SkyLiberty to a SkyLink and obtain real time data
Coming soon
Create, modify, depose, delay, confirm and close a Flight Plan
Coming soon
A very complete VFR and IFR AIP with real time information and visualization of airports
Coming soon
Make navigation like
never before!
SkyLiberty supports
For each SkyLiberty account created, ESNAH will make a donation to Jane Goodall Institute, association active in environment protection, via Jane Goodall Institute Belgium.