1. Weather observatory in your pocket
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The Weather module allows an intuitive and detailed visualization of METARs and a quick view of them on your homepage.
Access with a simple search to any METARs and organize them by favorites, groups of navigation or country. Keep them beneath your eyes in flight, even if the connection is lost.
Before your fly, you’ll be able to easily export the weather of your navigation to keep a copy with you.

visualize TAFs data in raw form and line graph time with the flight rules
have a history of 48 hours of METARs
access data from nearby stations
obtain the almanac

this module provides you a vizual reliable weather information

Analyze the weather info
Weather+ lets you easily visualize the coming weather and evolution of past weather.

You can also report the status of
neighboring stations.
Do not be surprised
If a TCU, CB, WS or TS turns up on the horizon, Weather+ will let you know.
Have your Almanach
Weather + provides a complete almanac for the next 365 days.


SkyLiberty respects rules
SkyLiberty allows you to manage your flight rules.
Sort your METARs

Organize them by favorites, groups
and country. 
Overview concept
Your home base station
Your 5 favorite stations
Your favorite group
Your favorite country
Export your weather

Keep it in your email, pdf, note...
Visual TAFs

SkyLiberty analyzes METARs you added to your favorites and, based on TAFs, shows you the rules of flights and dangers predicted up to 36 hours. 
Small help for the performances

SkyLiberty gives you an estimate of altitudes, pressure and density as well as ISA deviation. 
Know the past to understand
the future

SkyLiberty provides a complete history of the last 48 hours to help
you to understand weather evolution.
Nearby and more

SkyLiberty shows you the stations around and their flight rules, and also allows you to reorganize them by orientation. The best information is the one that is useful to you.  
Avoid or face the night

SkyLiberty provides a complete almanac for each station over a period of 365 days. With, as accessories, phases of the moon and the average time of sunshine depending on your latitude.