1. Keep information about your passengers 
    Address    Contact    Wheight
Free address book allowing you to save not only contact data from your entourage but also other more specific information such as weight and headphones possession (for your passengers), the VAT number (for your business partners), etc.
The Contact module will help you to store passenger
Contacts created in the Contact module can be used in the LogBook, licence and aircraft modules.

SkyLiberty helps you to manage information about your passengers.

Remember their weight
During a Weight and Balance, it is always useful to know the weight of your passengers and to avoid asking them several times,
save it. 
Need to contact them
SkyLiberty stores your passengers’ addresses and lets you easily contact them. 
Need more
With the onset of the next modules, contact is called to grow strongly.
Store information about your contacts right now. Soon it will be much more.