SkyLiberty is an ambitious project, which aims to provide a global interface between aircraft operators and pilots to share real time information.

It consists of 3 items: a web application for operators, another one for pilots and a hardware for the aircraft.

for school and operators
Web application
An intuitive and efficient web application for school, flying club and aircraft operators to manage fleet and members, share real time information about aircraft with their pilots and students through SkyLiberty.
for aircraft
Little smart electronic box
It is a very accurate tracker and gateway. SkyLink features a flight and landing analyser to improve and anticipate maintenance.  An aircraft equiped with a SkyLink also provide pilots an internet access for weather information, notams and flight plan management everywhere at any altitude.
for pilots and students
Web application
A responsive web application which provides pilots and students all tools, reliable and necessary data in order to prepare, mange and perform their navigations according to safety and environmental recommendations.